Company Policy

Policy of Karas Ceramics and Porcelain Manufacturing Company

Karas Ceramics and Porcelain Manufacturing Company aims to achieve its vision of excellence and leadership through its distinguished performance, unique products, advanced resources, and its aspiration to occupy a leading position in the ceramics and porcelain industry. The company also aims to provide related technical services and to lead this industry in Egypt locally and regionally.

This is achieved through strategic directions and objectives that include:

1. Local and regional excellence and leadership in the offered products and the promotion of the “Orient” brand.

2. Developing and enhancing the ceramics and porcelain industry, improving products, services, and outputs.

3. Consistently prioritizing and meeting the satisfaction requirements and expectations of stakeholders such as customers, partners, employees, suppliers, governmental and regulatory bodies, and others. Additionally, providing exceptional customer service and offering a comprehensive model for customer care that places them at the center of attention for all stakeholders.

4. Complying with the requirements set forth by the company, including administrative specifications, technical specifications, laws, regulations, and any other relevant requirements related to the company and the ceramics and porcelain industry.

5. Cost control and improvement since cost, with its various elements, is a crucial factor in performance quality, company objectives, and its effective impact on society and the economy as part of sustainable development.

Karas Ceramics and Porcelain Manufacturing Company achieves its vision and strategic objectives through:

1. Efficient strategic planning, effectively achieving the adopted and derived objectives from this policy, and continuous performance evaluation by applying key performance indicators and dealing effectively with the results.

2. Thinking based on risk management and challenges to control and manage activities and elements related to the company’s performance, products, and services, in order to prevent any deviations from achieving business objectives with the efficiency that ensures excellence.

3. Regional openness and global communication to apply efficient and effective technical and administrative specifications and best practices related to the offered products, international excellence standards, full compliance with laws, regulations, and regulations applicable to the company, while maintaining system integrity.

4. Optimal utilization and preservation of available resources, including equipment, human resources, production inputs, knowledge, technical and administrative methods, and the working environment.

5. Continuous improvement of performance efficiency, effectiveness, and product quality.