Why Orient Ceramics?

The decision of Ceramics choice is an important one & must be done carefully as changing it after a period will need to a new budget and effort, thus you have to search for quality, uniqueness and the best colors from the beginning as most of the wall & floor tiles may be similar in the form but its quality are not equivalent as its form.

Thus,  " Orient Ceramics " has provided the solution whereas its product is characterized with using the imported finest materials off which the body & Glaze are made, which became so difficult to differ between body tiles as well as the glaze manufactured by our factories compared to Porcelain, which could be named by Ceramics with the characteristics of Porcelain whether from the side of solidity, , brightness of tiles, percentage of water absorption and resistance to waste.  In spite of these characteristics & the increase of cost, the sale price is the same of normal Ceramics sale along with its availability in the attractive designs, colors and forms.

For the purpose of reaching with the product to these characteristics, the total quality control system in all the production stages from the beginning of entering the materials to the factory till the final product inspection and sorting, also the products surrender to the necessary test at the company's laboratories by using the most modern devices for securing the highest levels of quality as per the worldwide & Egyptian Standards Specifications in Ceramics &Porcelain Industry.

Continuously,  Orient Ceramics is interested in providing all unique, modern & new of colors, forms & designs to be suitable for all styles to meet the desire of customers for getting upon their full satisfaction, for which the company is looking for.

The customers satisfaction towards the company's products according to their various desires & styles whether in the local market or as for exporting to several countries is the incentive for adding new production lines for which the company contracted lately & it is being constructed so that the company may satisfy the market's need locally & abroad.  Also, the continuous expansions of production lines is one of the company's main aims in light of the increasing request upon its products & confidence in its quality which gives an opportunity for increasing the company's employees to conform with the state's policy in the youth recruitment & making benefit of their energies.


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