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Orient Ceramics was established in 2009 and specialized in producing Ceramics of Wall & Floor tiles in addition to the production of Porcelain.

Orient  Ceramics started its production in the middle of 2014, and the productive capacity of the factory will reach to 10 Million Square Meter approximately per year at the end of 2015.

Orient Ceramics intends to increase its productive capacity a year after a year.

Chairman of the Board   : Mr. George Gamil

General Manager & Managing Director:  Mr. Mina George Gamil

Our vision:

To be " Orient Ceramics" during a short period one of the leading companies which is producing Ceramics & Porcelain in Egypt, through providing high quality products made of the best imported materials and reaching with the product quality to a standard for which it is difficult to differentiate between Ceramics made at our factories compared to Porcelain.  Thus, our product will be distinguished in comparison with the products of others and providing this product with the best & most innovated styles and a price conforms with all levels, therefore we guarantee a prominent situation upon Ceramics Industry Map.

Our Mission:

As our principal mission is the customer's satisfaction & doing our best to meet his future & current needs in addition to work on his comfort, our long experience in Ceramics& Sanitary - ware trade has helped us in understanding the market's need and satisfying the various styles by providing the most modern designs which are suitable for these needs in a high quality leading to the usage of our products a new addition to market by our continuous development for these products.


Your opinion is the core of our attention:

As your opinion is the core of our attention,  " Orient ceramics" looking  forward to receive your opinions & suggestions which will be studied carefully, thus we are pleased to correspond us through our website and we will intercommunicate with you for discussing these suggestions and work on implementation and fulfillment it


Contact Info

5 / 1144 Abo Bakr Elsedek - Sheraton - Cairo - Egypt

Call Center: (+02) 0121 111 3145

Sales: (+02) 0122 465 2454

Secretary: (+02) 0102 885 8450

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