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A success story from trade to industry.

It is not mere an accident that " Orient Ceramics"  enters into Ceramics &Porcelain Industry Field, but this decision was taken on the basis of extensive studies depending upon the commercial experience through long years of hard work & endeavor  in the market of sanitary -ware in general & Ceramics trade especially throughout a huge network of trader & distributors and a chain of trading showrooms &exhibition all over Egypt, which gave us an opportunity to recognize upon the market's needs in addition to the consumer's styles & desires.

If some companies started firstly with Ceramics Industry, then to response to the market's needs & the satisfaction of the consumer's desires, Orient Ceramics which has a long commercial experience and a knowledge of the consumer's styles & desires, enabled it from the beginning to produce the market's needs and to enter into Ceramics Industry World, equipped with the commercial experience which helped it to be a leading manufacturer in the field of Ceramics & Porcelain and to occupy a prominent standing upon the map of this industry. 

Currently,  Orient Ceramics is manufacturing its products at its factories in the Industrial Zone, Suez Gulf, in an area of 50 Thousands Square Meter, and the factory is equipped with the latest equipments, machines, Kilns and Presses which made by the Italian Company "SACMI", which have been manufactured as per the updated technology in the field of Ceramics Industry.  Also, this company is providing the continuous technical support in all technical fields and this support is extending to the permanent training of employees at the factory for reinforcing their skills and creating trained technical labors up to the highest standard, and this comes from the concept of the company's care of the human element & providing the necessary attention for them.

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